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[reyl-wey] /ˈreɪlˌweɪ/

a line with lighter-weight equipment and roadbed than a main-line .
a , especially one operating over relatively short distances.
Also called trackway. any line or lines of forming a road of flanged-wheel equipment.
Chiefly British. .
a permanent track composed of a line of parallel metal rails fixed to sleepers, for transport of passengers and goods in trains
any track on which the wheels of a vehicle may run: a cable railway
the entire equipment, rolling stock, buildings, property, and system of tracks used in such a transport system
the organization responsible for operating a railway network
(modifier) of, relating to, or used on a railway or railways: a railway engine, a railway strike

1812 in modern sense, from rail (n.1) + way. Earlier used of any sort of road on which rails (originally wooden) were laid for easier transport (1776).


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