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Rainbow coalition


a political alliance populated by a variety of minority groups
Word Origin

for rainbow having many colors


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  • Rainbow-collar

    [reyn-boh-kol-er] /ˈreɪnˌboʊˈkɒl ər/ adjective, Informal. 1. being or of an employee who combines work or experience on the assembly line with more technical or administrative duties; having both blue-collar and white-collar duties or experience. 2. being, of, or for a factory worker supplanted by automated equipment and retrained for technical or administrative duties.

  • Rainbow flag

    noun 1. a multi-coloured flag used as a symbol of peace; often used to represent gay and lesbian pride

  • Rainbow lorikeet

    noun 1. a small Australasian parrot, Trichoglossus haematodus, with brightly-coloured plumage

  • Rainbow nation

    noun 1. (South African) an epithet, alluding to its multiracial population, of South Africa

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