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[reyn-drop] /ˈreɪnˌdrɒp/

a drop of rain.

Old English rendropa; see rain (n.) + drop (n.).


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  • Rained

    [reyn] /reɪn/ noun 1. water that is condensed from the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops more than 1/50 inch (0.5 mm) in diameter. Compare (def 6). 2. a , , or shower: We had a light rain this afternoon. 3. rains, the season; seasonal , as in India. 4. […]

  • Rainey

    [rey-nee] /ˈreɪ ni/ noun 1. Gertrude (“Ma”) 1886–1939, U.S. blues singer. 2. Joseph Hayne [heyn] /heɪn/ (Show IPA), 1832–87, U.S. politician: first black congressman 1870–79.

  • Rainfall

    [reyn-fawl] /ˈreɪnˌfɔl/ noun 1. a or shower of . 2. the amount of water in , snow, etc., within a given time and area, usually expressed as a hypothetical depth of coverage: a rainfall of 70 inches a year. /ˈreɪnˌfɔːl/ noun 1. precipitation in the form of raindrops 2. (meteorol) the amount of precipitation in […]

  • Rainforest

    noun 1. a tropical forest, usually of tall, densely growing, broad-leaved evergreen trees in an area of high annual rainfall. /ˈreɪnˌfɒrɪst/ noun 1. dense forest found in tropical areas of heavy rainfall. The trees are broad-leaved and evergreen, and the vegetation tends to grow in three layers (undergrowth, intermediate trees and shrubs, and very tall […]

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