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Rainwater pipe

(Brit) another name for downpipe


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  • Rainwear

    [reyn-wair] /ˈreɪnˌwɛər/ noun 1. waterproof or water-repellent clothing.

  • Rainy

    [rey-nee] /ˈreɪ ni/ adjective, rainier, rainiest. 1. characterized by : rainy weather; a rainy region. 2. wet with : rainy streets. 3. bringing : rainy clouds. /ˈreɪnɪ/ adjective rainier, rainiest 1. characterized by a large rainfall: a rainy climate 2. wet or showery; bearing rain adj. Old English renig; see rain (n.) + -y (2).

  • Rainy-day

    noun 1. a time of need or emergency: saving money for a rainy day. noun 1. a future time of need, esp financial

  • Rainy-lake

    1. a lake in N Minnesota and SW Ontario, Canada, on the U.S.-Canadian border. 360 sq. mi. (932 sq. km).

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