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[rey-zin] /ˈreɪ zɪn/

a grape of any of various sweet varieties dried in the sun or by artificial means, often used in cookery.
dark purplish blue.
a dried grape

“dried sweet grape,” c.1300, from Anglo-French raycin (late 13c.), Old French raisin “grape; raisin,” from Vulgar Latin *racimus, alteration of Latin racemus “cluster of grapes or berries” (also source of Spanish racimo, Italian racemo), probably from the same ancient lost Mediterranean language that gave Greek rhax (genitive rhagos) “grape, berry.” Dutch razun also is from French; German Rosine is from an Old French variant form.

dried grapes; mentioned 1 Sam. 25:18; 30:12; 2 Sam. 16:1; 1 Chr. 12:40.


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