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a saw tooth for cleaning loose chips from a kerf.


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  • Rake someone over the coals

    verb phrase [1719+; fr the old ordeal by fire] Related Terms haul someone over the coals

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    [rah-kee, ruh-, rak-ee, rah-kee] /rɑˈki, rə-, ˈræk i, ˈrɑ ki/ noun 1. a spirituous liquor distilled from grain, grapes, plums, etc., in southeastern Europe and the Near East. /rɑːˈkiː; ˈrækɪ/ noun 1. a strong spirit distilled in Turkey, the former Yugoslavia, etc, from grain, usually flavoured with aniseed or other aromatics

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    noun 1. a brickwork bond in which concealed courses of diagonally laid bricks are used to bond exposed brickwork to the wall structure.

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