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Ralph cram

[kram] /kræm/

Ralph Adams, 1863–1942, U.S. architect and writer.
verb crams, cramming, crammed
(transitive) to force (people, material, etc) into (a room, container, etc) with more than it can hold; stuff
to eat or cause to eat more than necessary
(informal) to study or cause to study (facts, etc), esp for an examination, by hastily memorizing
the act or condition of cramming
a crush
Steve. born 1960, English middle-distance runner: European 1500 m champion (1981, 1986); world 1500 m champion (1983)

Old English crammian “press something into something else,” from Proto-Germanic *kram-/*krem- (cf. Old High German krimman “to press, pinch,” Old Norse kremja “to squeeze, pinch”), from PIE root *ger- “to gather” (cf. Sanskrit gramah “heap, troop,” Old Church Slavonic gramota “heap,” Latin gremium “bosom, lap”). Meaning “study intensely for an exam” originally was British student slang first recorded 1803. Related: Crammed; cramming.


: a cram session/ cram book


A very diligent student; grind (1900s+)


To study intensively for an upcoming examination (1803+ British students)


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