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[ram-uh-dahn] /ˌræm əˈdɑn/

noun, Islam.
the ninth month of the Muslim calendar.
Compare .
the daily fast that is rigidly enjoined from dawn until sunset during this month.
the ninth month of the Muslim year, lasting 30 days, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset
the fast itself

ninth month of the Muslim year, 1590s, from Arabic Ramadan (Turkish and Persian ramazan), originally “the hot month,” from ramida “be burnt, scorched” (cf. Mishnaic Hebrew remetz “hot ashes, embers”). In the Islamic lunar calendar, it passes through all seasons in a cycle of about 33 years, but evidently originally it was a summer month.
Ramadan [(ram-uh-dahn)]

A holy month in Islam; the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Devout Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset during each day of Ramadan.


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