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[rey-meyt] /ˈreɪ meɪt/

having branches; branching out or off.


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  • Ramat-gan

    [rah-maht gahn] /ˈrɑ mɑt ˌgɑn/ noun 1. a city in central Israel, near Tel Aviv. /rɑːˈmɑːt ˈɡɑːn/ noun 1. a city in Israel, E of Tel Aviv. Pop: 126 500 (2003 est)

  • Ramstam

    [ram-stam] /ˈræm stæm/ Scot. and North England adjective 1. obstinate; headstrong. noun 2. a stubborn or thoughtless person. /ˈræmˈstæm/ adverb 1. headlong; hastily adjective 2. headlong; precipitate

  • Ramstedt operation

    Ramstedt operation Ram·stedt operation (rām’stět, räm’shtět) n. See pyloromyotomy.

  • Ramtil

    [ram-til] /ˈræm tɪl/ noun 1. . /ˈræmtɪl/ noun 1. an African plant, Guizotia abyssinica, grown in India: family Asteraceae (composites) 2. Also called Niger seed. the seed of this plant, used as a source of oil and a bird food

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