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a sloping surface connecting two levels; incline.
a short concave slope or bend, as one connecting the higher and lower parts of a staircase railing at a landing.
any extensive sloping walk or passageway.
the act of ramping.
Also called boarding ramp. a movable staircase for entering or leaving a cabin door of an airplane.
Also called parking ramp. apron (def 6).
(of animals) to stand or move with the forelegs or arms raised, as in animosity or excitement.
(of a lion or other large quadruped represented on a coat of arms) to rise or stand on the hind legs.
to rear as if to spring.
to leap or dash with fury (often followed by about).
to act violently; rage; storm:
ramping and raging in a great fury.
to provide with a ramp or ramps:
Entrances will be ramped to accommodate those in wheelchairs.
ramp along, Nautical. to sail on a tack with all sails filled.
a wild onion, Allium tricoccum, of the amaryllis family, of eastern North America, having flat leaves and rounded clusters of whitish flowers; eaten raw or used as a flavoring in cooked foods.
Contemporary Examples

The Stacks: The Inimitable Albert Brooks Caught at the Dawn of His Movie Career Paul Slansky April 12, 2014
How the Dead Come Home From Afghanistan Nick Willard May 8, 2014
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Historical Examples

Time and the Woman G. Gordon Dewey
Wind Charles Louis Fontenay
Warren Commission (12 of 26): Hearings Vol. XII (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
The Link Alan Edward Nourse
The Infra-Medians Sewell Peaslee Wright

a sloping floor, path, etc, that joins two surfaces at different levels
a movable stairway by which passengers enter and leave an aircraft
the act of ramping
(Brit, slang) a swindle, esp one involving exorbitant prices
another name for sleeping policeman
(intransitive; often foll by about or around) (esp of animals) to rush around in a wild excited manner
to act in a violent or threatening manner, as when angry (esp in the phrase ramp and rage)
(transitive) (finance) to buy (a security) in the market with the object of raising its price and enhancing the image of the company behind it for financial gain
Rural Abandoned Mine Program


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