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[ram-rod] /ˈræmˌrɒd/

a for down the charge of a muzzleloading firearm.
a cleaning rod for the barrel of a firearm.
a strict disciplinarian; martinet.
verb (used with object), ramrodded, ramrodding.
to exert discipline and authority on.
to strike or injure with or as if with a ramrod.
to accomplish or put into action by force, intimidation, etc.:
to ramrod a bill through Congress.
a rod for cleaning the barrel of a rifle or other small firearms
a rod for ramming in the charge of a muzzle-loading firearm

1757, literally “a rod used in ramming” (the charge of a gun), from ram (v.) + rod. Used figuratively for straightness or stiffness from 1939, also figuratively for formality, primness (ramroddy is in Century Dictionary, 1902). The verb is 1948, from the noun. Related: Ramrodded; ramrodding.


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