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[ran-chuh-ree-uh; Spanish rahn-che-ree-ah] /ˌræn tʃəˈri ə; Spanish ˌrɑn tʃɛˈri ɑ/

noun, plural rancherias [ran-chuh-ree-uh z; Spanish rahn-che-ree-ahs] /ˌræn tʃəˈri əz; Spanish ˌrɑn tʃɛˈri ɑs/ (Show IPA). Chiefly Southwestern U.S.
a family household unit or settlement.
a hut or house where rancheros live.
a village of such huts.


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    [ran-chuh-ree] /ˈræn tʃə ri/ noun, Canadian. 1. an Indian village or settlement, especially one located on a reserve. 2. any one of the large rectangular cedar buildings erected by Pacific Coast Indians for communal living and ceremonial purposes. /ˈrɑːntʃərɪ/ noun 1. (in British Columbia, Canada) a settlement of North American Indians, esp on a reserve

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