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[rang-ker-uh s] /ˈræŋ kər əs/

full of or showing .

1580s, from rancor + -ous. Related: Rancorously; rancorousness.


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  • Rancour

    [rang-ker] /ˈræŋ kər/ noun 1. bitter, rankling resentment or ill will; hatred; malice. /ˈræŋkə/ noun 1. malicious resentfulness or hostility; spite n. chiefly British English spelling of rancor; for ending see -or. Related: Rancourous. n. c.1200, from Old French rancor “bitterness, resentment; grief, affliction,” from Late Latin rancorem (nominative rancor) “rancidness, a stinking smell” (Palladius); […]

  • Rand

    [rand] /rænd/ noun 1. (in shoemaking) a strip of leather set in a shoe at the heel before the lifts are attached. 2. British Dialect. verb (used with object) 3. to provide (footwear) with rands. [rand] /rænd/ noun 1. a coin and monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, equal to 100 cents. Abbreviation: […]

  • Randal

    [ran-dl] /ˈræn dl/ noun 1. a male given name. masc. proper name, shortened from Old English Randwulf, from rand “shield” (see rand) + wulf “wolf” (see wolf (n.)). Cf. Randolph.

  • Randall

    [ran-dl] /ˈræn dl/ noun 1. a male given name.

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