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noun, Statistics.
a quantity that takes any of a set of values with specified probabilities.
(statistics) a quantity that may take any of a range of values, either continuous or discrete, which cannot be predicted with certainty but only described probabilistically rv


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    noun 1. Statistics. the path taken by a point or quantity that moves in steps, where the direction of each step is determined randomly. 2. Physics. the tendency of particles in random motion to achieve a net displacement or to drift in a particular direction. noun 1. a mathematical model used to describe physical processes, […]

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    noun 1. rest and recreation. 2. rest and recuperation. 3. . abbreviation 1. rest and recreation

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    noun 1. (stock exchange) the theory that the future movement of share prices does not reflect past movements and therefore will not follow a discernible pattern

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    [rand-wik] /ˈrænd wɪk/ noun 1. a city in E New South Wales, SE Australia, on Botany Bay and the Pacific Ocean: a suburb of Sydney.

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