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any of various instruments for determining the distance from the observer to a particular object, as for sighting a gun or adjusting the focus of a camera.


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  • Rangeley-lakes

    [reynj-lee] /ˈreɪndʒ li/ plural noun 1. a group of lakes in W Maine.

  • Rangeland

    [reynj-land] /ˈreɪndʒˌlænd/ noun 1. (def 17). /ˈrɛɪndʒˌlænd/ noun 1. (often pl) land that naturally produces forage plants suitable for grazing but where rainfall is too low or erratic for growing crops

  • Range light

    noun (nautical) 1. one of a pattern of navigation lights, usually fixed ashore, used by vessels for manoeuvring in narrow channels at night 2. one of a distinctive pattern of lights shown at night on the masts of a powered vessel, such as a tugboat, to aid in identifying its size, number of barges in […]

  • Range-line

    noun 1. (in U.S. public-land surveys) one of two parallel lines running north and south that define the east and west borders of a township. Compare (def 2), .

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