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Rank on someone

verb phrase

To insult; disparage; PUT someone or something DOWN: Fred ranked on Dawn after the fight was broken up (1980s+ Students)


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  • Rank-scale

    noun, Linguistics. 1. (in systemic linguistics) a hierarchical ordering of grammatical units such that a unit of a given rank normally consists of units of the next lower rank, as, in English, the ordering sentence, clause, group or phrase, word, morpheme.

  • Rank someone

    verb phrase To chastise or criticize someone: ranked Terry out for smoking

  • Rankshift

    [rangk-shift] /ˈræŋkˌʃɪft/ Linguistics verb (used with object) 1. (in systemic linguistics) to use a unit as a constituent of another unit of the same or lower on the , as in using the phrase next door within the phrase the boy next door or the clause that you met yesterday within the phrase the girl […]

  • Rans

    [rahn] /rɑn/ noun, Scandinavian Mythology. 1. a sea goddess who drags down ships and drowns sailors: the wife of Aegir. /ræn/ verb 1. the past tense of run abbreviation 1. Royal Australian Navy past tense of run (v.), Old English ran.

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