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[rap-id] /ˈræp ɪd/

adjective, sometimes, rapider, rapidest.
occurring within a short time; happening speedily:
rapid growth.
moving or acting with great speed; swift:
a rapid worker.
characterized by speed:
rapid motion.
Usually, rapids. a part of a river where the current runs very swiftly.
(of an action or movement) performed or occurring during a short interval of time; quick: a rapid transformation
characterized by high speed: rapid movement
acting or moving quickly; fast: a rapid worker

1630s, “moving quickly,” from French rapide (17c.) and directly from Latin rapidus “hasty, swift, rapid; snatching; fierce, impetuous,” from rapere “hurry away, carry off, seize, plunder,” from PIE root *rep- “to snatch” (cf. Greek ereptomai “devour,” harpazein “snatch away,” Lithuanian raples “tongs”). Meaning “happening in a short time” is from 1780. Related: Rapidly; rapidness. Rapid-transit first attested 1852, in reference to street railways; rapid eye movement is from 1906.


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    [ruh-pid-i-tee] /rəˈpɪd ɪ ti/ noun 1. a state or quality; quickness; celerity. n. 1650s, from French rapidité and directly from Latin rapiditatem (nominative rapiditas) “swiftness, rapidity, velocity,” from rapidus “hasty, swift, rapid” (see rapid).

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