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[rap-rohsh-mahn; French ra-prawsh-mahn] /ˌræp roʊʃˈmɑ̃; French ra prɔʃˈmɑ̃/

an establishment or reestablishment of harmonious relations:
a rapprochement reached between warring factions.
a resumption of friendly relations, esp between two countries

“establishment of cordial relations,” 1809, from French rapprochement “reunion, reconciliation,” literally “a bringing near,” from rapprocher “bring near,” from re- “back, again” (see re-) + aprochier (see approach (v.)).
rapprochement [(rap-rohsh-mahnn, rah-prawsh-mahnn)]

A closer approach of two groups to each other. Rapprochement, a French term, is often applied to two nations, especially ones that become reconciled after relations between them have worsened.


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