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[ras-kuh l] /ˈræs kəl/

a base, dishonest, or unscrupulous person.
a mischievous person or animal:
That child is a real rascal.
a disreputable person; villain
a mischievous or impish rogue
an affectionate or mildly reproving term for a child or old man: you little rascal, the wicked old rascal kissed her
(obsolete) a person of lowly birth
(prenominal) (obsolete)


mid-14c., rascaile “people of the lowest class, rabble of an army,” also singular, “low, tricky, dishonest person,” from Old French rascaille “rabble, mob” (12c., Modern French racaille, “the rascality or base and rascall sort, the scumme, dregs, offals, outcasts, of any company” [Cotgrave, French-English Dictionary, 1611]), perhaps a diminutive from Old French rascler, from Vulgar Latin *rasicare “to scrape” (see rash (n.)). Used also in Middle English of animals not hunted as game.


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  • Rascality

    [ra-skal-i-tee] /ræˈskæl ɪ ti/ noun, plural rascalities. 1. or knavish character or conduct. 2. a act. /rɑːˈskælɪtɪ/ noun (pl) -ties 1. mischievous, disreputable, or dishonest character, behaviour, or action n. “low and vulgar people collectively,” 1570s; “character of a rascal,” 1590s, from rascal + -ity.

  • Rascally

    [ras-kuh-lee] /ˈræs kə li/ adjective 1. being, characteristic of, or befitting a . adverb 2. in a rascally manner. /ˈrɑːskəlɪ/ adjective 1. dishonest or mean; base 2. (archaic) (esp of places) wretchedly unpleasant; miserable adverb 3. in a dishonest or mean fashion adj. “low, mean, unprincipled,” from rascal + -ly (1).

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    [ra-skas] /ræˈskæs/ noun 1. any of several scorpionfishes, as Scorpaena scrofa or S. porcus, of the Mediterranean Sea, used in making bouillabaisse.

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    noun 1. a city in SW South Dakota.

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