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[reyz] /reɪz/

verb (used with object), rased, rasing.
[reyz] /reɪz/
verb (used with object), razed, razing.
to tear down; demolish; level to the ground:
to raze a row of old buildings.
to shave or scrape off.
a variant spelling of raze
verb (transitive)
to demolish (a town, buildings, etc) completely; level (esp in the phrase raze to the ground)
to delete; erase
(archaic) to graze

late 14c., “remove by scraping, rub, scrape out, erase,” from Old French raser “to scrape, shave,” from Medieval Latin rasare, frequentative of Latin radere (past participle rasus) “to scrape, shave,” perhaps from PIE *razd- (cf. Latin rastrum “rake”), possible extended form of root *red- “to scrape, scratch, gnaw” (see rodent). Related: Rased; rasing.

1540s, alteration of racen “pull or knock down” (a building or town), from earlier rasen (14c.) “to scratch, slash, scrape, erase,” from Old French raser “to scrape, shave” (see rase). Related: Razed; razing.


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