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[ras-ter] /ˈræs tər/

Television. a pattern of scanning lines covering the area upon which the image is projected in the cathode-ray tube of a television set.
Computers. a set of horizontal lines composed of individual pixels, used to form an image on a CRT or other screen.
a pattern of horizontal scanning lines traced by an electron beam, esp on a television screen
to use web-based technology to turn a digital image into a large picture composed of a grid of black and white dots

1934 in electrical engineering, from German Raster “screen, frame,” from Latin rastrum “rake,” from rasum, from rodere “to scrape” (see raze). Related: Rasterization; rasterize. From Latin form rastellum comes French râteau “rake,” formerly ratel, originally rastel.

The area of a video display that is covered by sweeping the electron beam of the display in a series of horizontal lines from top to bottom. The beam then returns to the top during the vertical flyback interval.
See also CRT, frame buffer.


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  • Raster blaster

    hardware, jargon (Cambridge) Specialised hardware for bitblt operations (a blitter). Allegedly inspired by “Rasta Blasta”, British slang for the sort of portable stereo Americans call a “boom box” or “ghetto blaster”. [Jargon File] (1995-03-22)

  • Rastergram

    Single Image Random Dot Stereogram

  • Raster burn

    1. (Or terminal illness) Eyestrain brought on by too many hours of looking at low-resolution, poorly tuned, or glare-ridden monitors, especially graphics monitors. 2. The “burn-in” condition your CRT tends to get if you don’t use a screen saver. [Jargon File]

  • Raster graphics image

    noun See raster image

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