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[rat-hohl] /ˈrætˌhoʊl/

a made by a , as into a room, barn, etc.:
The first chore in the old building is to plug up the ratholes.
the burrow or shelter of a .
any small and uncomfortable room, office, apartment, etc., especially one that is dirty or disordered:
He lives in a rathole near the docks.
down the rathole, for a worthless purpose or purposes:
seeing your inheritance disappear down the rathole.

also rathole, 1812 in figurative sense of “nasty, messy place;” rat (n.) + hole (n.). As “bottomless hole” (especially one where money goes) from 1961.


A wretched, messy place; a filthy hovel; dump: Those days we lived in a rathole (1812+)


To store up food and supplies; stockpile; stash (1950s+)

Related Terms

pour money down the drain


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