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[rash-uh-nal] /ˌræʃ əˈnæl/

the fundamental reason or reasons serving to account for something.
a statement of reasons.
a reasoned exposition of principles.
a reasoned exposition, esp one defining the fundamental reasons for a course of action, belief, etc

1650s, “exposition of principles,” from Late Latin rationale, noun use of neuter of Latin rationalis “of reason” (see rational). Hence, “fundamental reason” (1680s).


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  • Rational-emotive therapy

    [rash-uh-nl-i-moh-tiv] /ˈræʃ ə nl ɪˈmoʊ tɪv/ noun, Psychology. 1. a form of therapy in which a patient is asked to reject irrational attitudes and assumptions in order to deal effectively with stressful situations.

  • Rational-form

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a quotient of two polynomials with integral coefficients.

  • Rational fortran

    language (RATFOR) Brian Kernighan’s Fortran preprocessor that allows programming with C-like control flow. RATFOR is mainly of historical significance. A translator from Ratfor to Fortran IV was posted to comp.sources.Unix volume 13. (ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/mirrors/Unix-c/languages/ratfor.tar-z). [“Ratfor – A Preprocessor for a Rational Fortran”, B.W. Kernighan, Soft Prac & Exp 5:395-406, Oct 1975]. [“Software Tools”, B.W. Kernighan & […]

  • Rational-function

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a function that can be written as the quotient of two polynomials with integral coefficients.

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