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[rat-l-breyn] /ˈræt lˌbreɪn/

a giddy, empty-headed, talkative person.


A silly or stupid person; scatterbrain: Mother would like to travel around but not with an old rattlebrain like you driving (first form 1709+, second 1641+)


Read Also:

  • Rattlebox

    /ˈrætəlˌbɒks/ noun 1. any of various tropical and subtropical leguminous plants that have inflated pods within which the seeds rattle

  • Rattlebrained

    [rat-l-breynd] /ˈræt lˌbreɪnd/ adjective 1. foolish; flighty; scatterbrained.

  • Rattle-bush

    [rat-l-boo sh] /ˈræt lˌbʊʃ/ noun 1. .

  • Rattle cages

    verb phrase To cause excitement; shake things up: ”You like to rattle cages,” the saleswoman observed, explaining that it was a California expression (1980s+)

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