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any of various plants of the genus Eryngium, especially E. yuccifolium, having spiny leaves and dense, rounded flower heads.
any of several other plants, especially of the genus Liatris.


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  • Rattlesnake-plantain

    noun 1. any of several low, terrestrial orchids, as Goodyera repens, of northern temperate regions, having a basal rosette of leaves with white veins and a one-sided spike of white flowers. noun 1. any of various small temperate and tropical orchids of the genus Goodyera, having mottled or striped leaves and spikes of yellowish-white flowers

  • Rattlesnake-root

    noun 1. any of certain composite plants of the genus Prenanthes, whose roots or tubers have been regarded as a remedy for snake bites, as P. serpentaria or P. alba. 2. the root or tuber. 3. the snakeroot, Polygala senega. 4. its root.

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    [rat-l-sneyk] /ˈræt lˌsneɪk/ noun 1. any of several New World pit vipers of the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus, having a composed of a series of horny, interlocking elements at the end of the tail. /ˈrætəlˌsneɪk/ noun 1. any of the venomous New World snakes constituting the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus, such as C. horridus (black […]

  • Rattlesnake-weed

    noun 1. a hawkweed, Hieracium venosum, of eastern North America, whose leaves and root are thought to possess medicinal properties. 2. a carrotlike weed, Daucus pusillus, of southern and western North America. 3. any of certain other plants, as an umbelliferous plant, Eryngium aquaticum. 4. .

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