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[rawn-chee, rahn-] /ˈrɔn tʃi, ˈrɑn-/

adjective, raunchier, raunchiest. Informal.
vulgar or smutty; crude; earthy; obscene:
a raunchy joke.
dirty; slovenly; grubby.
adjective (slang) -chier, -chiest
openly sexual; lusty; earthy
(mainly US) slovenly or untidy

1939, “clumsy, careless, sloppy,” U.S. Army Air Corps slang, of unknown origin. Origins among cadets in Texas suggest possible connection to Mexican Spanish rancho (see ranch (n.)), which had connotations of animal filth by 1864. Sense of “coarse, vulgar, smutty” is from 1967. Related: Raunchiness.


[origin uncertain; the pronunciation and the early currency among aviation cadets in Texas suggest a possible origin in Spanish rancho, ”ranch,” found by 1857, and called by 1864 ”a place of evil report”; a ranch, of course, may be regarded as a place of animal filth, odors, etc]


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