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[reyv-uhp] /ˈreɪvˌʌp/

noun, British Informal.
a party, especially a wild one.



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    [rah-vee] /ˈrɑ vi/ noun 1. a river in NW India and NE Pakistan, flowing from the Himlayas SW to the Chenab River: a headwater of the Indus River and one of the “five rivers” of the Punjab. 475 miles (764 km) long.

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    [French ra-vee-gawt] /French ra viˈgɔt/ noun 1. a highly seasoned velouté with white wine and vinegar, butter, cream, and mushrooms cooked in liquor, usually served hot with variety meats and poultry. 2. a sauce of oil, vinegar, chopped capers, parsley, chervil, tarragon, and onion, served cold with vegetables or seafood or warm with meat.

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    [ruh-veen] /rəˈvin/ noun 1. a narrow steep-sided valley commonly eroded by running water. /rəˈviːn/ noun 1. a deep narrow steep-sided valley, esp one formed by the action of running water n. 1760, “deep gorge,” from French ravin “a gully” (1680s, from Old French raviner “to pillage, sweep down, cascade”), and from French ravine “violent rush […]

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