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Raw foodism


See raw foodist


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  • Raw foodist

    noun a person whose diet consists mainly of raw foods Examples Raw foodists believe that eating uncooked foods encourages weight loss and prevents or heals conditions and diseases. Word Origin by 1939 Usage Note also raw foodism , n.

  • Rawhide

    [raw-hahyd] /ˈrɔˌhaɪd/ noun 1. untanned skin of cattle or other animals. 2. a rope or whip made of rawhide. verb (used with object), rawhided, rawhiding. 3. to whip with a rawhide. /ˈrɔːˌhaɪd/ noun 1. untanned hide 2. a whip or rope made of strips cut from such a hide n. “material cut from untanned skins […]

  • Rawhide hammer

    noun 1. a hammer, used to avoid damaging a surface, having a head consisting of a metal tube from each end of which a tight roll of hide protrudes

  • Ratter

    [rat-er] /ˈræt ər/ noun 1. a person, animal, or thing that catches , as a terrier or a cat. /ˈrætə/ noun 1. a dog or cat that catches and kills rats 2. another word for rat (sense 3), rat (sense 4)

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