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Raw-pack method

[raw-pak] /ˈrɔˌpæk/

(def 2).


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  • Raw-sienna

    noun 1. See under (def 1). [see-en-uh] /siˈɛn ə/ noun 1. a ferruginous earth used as a yellowish-brown pigment (raw sienna) or, after roasting in a furnace, as a reddish-brown pigment (burnt sienna) 2. the color of such a pigment. /sɪˈɛnə/ noun 1. a natural earth containing ferric oxide used as a yellowish-brown pigment when […]

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    noun 1. reeled silk that has not had the sericin removed. noun 1. untreated silk fibres reeled from the cocoon 2. fabric woven from such fibres

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    /ˈrɔːsˌθɔːn/ noun 1. Alan. 1905–71, English composer, whose works include three symphonies, several concertos, and a set of Symphonic Studies (1939)

  • Raw sugar

    noun a type of light brown coarse sugar containing the natural molasses present in sugarcane Examples Types of raw sugar include demerara, muscovado, and turbinado. Word Origin 1797 Usage Note cooking

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