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Rayleigh disc

a small light disc suspended in the path of a sound wave, used to measure the intensity of the sound by analysing the resulting deflection of the disc


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  • Rayleigh-disk

    noun, Acoustics, Mechanics. 1. a small circular disk, usually of mica, that is suspended from a fiber and tends to be deflected at right angles to a stream of air, indicating by its deflection the intensity of a sound wave.

  • Rayleigh distribution

    mathematics A curve that yields a good approximation to the actual labour curves on software projects. [Details? Equation?] (1996-05-29)

  • Rayleigh-scattering

    noun, Optics. 1. the scattering of light by particles that are very small in relation to the wavelength of the light, and in which the intensity of the scattered light varies inversely with the fourth power of the wavelength. noun 1. a process in which electromagnetic radiation is elastically deflected by particles of matter, without […]

  • Rayleigh-wave

    noun, Mechanics, Geology. 1. a wave along the surface of a solid, elastic body, especially along the surface of the earth. Rayleigh wave A type of seismic surface wave that moves with a rolling motion that consists of a combination of particle motion perpendicular and parallel to the main direction of wave propagation. The amplitude […]

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