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[rey-zer] /ˈreɪ zər/

a sharp-edged instrument used especially for shaving the face or trimming the hair.
an electrically powered instrument used for the same purpose.
verb (used with object)
to shave, cut, or remove with or as if with a razor.
on the razor’s edge, in a difficult or precarious position.
a sharp implement used esp by men for shaving the face
on a razor’s edge, on a razor-edge, in an acute dilemma
(transitive) to cut or shave with a razor

late 13c., from Old French raseor “a razor” (12c.), from raser “to scrape, shave” (see rase). Razor clam (1835, American English) so called because its shell resembles an old folding straight-razor. Razor-edge figurative of sharpness or a fine surface from 1680s.

The Nazarites were forbidden to make use of the razor (Num. 6:5; Judg. 13:5). At their consecration the Levites were shaved all over with a razor (Num. 8:7; comp. Ps. 52:2; Ezek. 5:1).

see: sharp as a tack (razor)


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