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red blood cell.

RBC or rbc
red blood cell
red blood cell
red blood cell count


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  • Rbcsp

    Roper and Barter’s CSP. [“A Communicating Sequential Process Language and Implementation”, T. Roper & J. Barter, Soft Prac & Exp 11(11):1215-1234 (Nov 1981)].

  • Rbe

    abbreviation 1. relative biological effectiveness (of radiation) relative biological effectiveness

  • Rbf

    renal blood flow

  • Rbi

    1. Reserve Bank of India. 2. Also, RBI, rbi, r.b.i. Baseball. run batted in; runs batted in. n. also R.B.I., in baseball, 1947, short for run batted in. runs batted in

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