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[adjective, noun ahr-tik-yuh-lit; verb ahr-tik-yuh-leyt] /adjective, noun ɑrˈtɪk yə lɪt; verb ɑrˈtɪk yəˌleɪt/

uttered clearly in distinct syllables.
capable of speech; not speechless.
using language easily and fluently; having facility with words:
an articulate speaker.
expressed, formulated, or presented with clarity and effectiveness:
an articulate thought.
made clear, distinct, and precise in relation to other parts:
an articulate form; an articulate shape; an articulate area.
(of ideas, form, etc.) having a meaningful relation to other parts:
an articulate image.
having parts or distinct areas organized into a coherent or meaningful whole; unified:
an articulate system of philosophy.
Zoology. having joints or ; composed of segments.
verb (used with object), articulated, articulating.
to utter clearly and distinctly; pronounce with clarity.
Phonetics. to make the movements and adjustments of the speech organs necessary to utter (a speech sound).
to give clarity or distinction to:
to articulate a shape; to articulate an idea.
Dentistry. to position or reposition (teeth); subject to .
to unite by a joint or joints.
to reveal or make distinct:
an injection to articulate arteries so that obstructions can be observed by x-ray.
verb (used without object), articulated, articulating.
to pronounce clearly each of a succession of speech sounds, syllables, or words; enunciate:
to articulate with excessive precision.
Phonetics. to articulate a speech sound.
Anatomy, Zoology. to form a joint.
Obsolete. to make terms of agreement.
a segmented invertebrate.
adjective (ɑːˈtɪkjʊlɪt)
able to express oneself fluently and coherently: an articulate lecturer
having the power of speech
distinct, clear, or definite; well-constructed: an articulate voice, an articulate document
(zoology) (of arthropods and higher vertebrates) possessing joints or jointed segments
verb (ɑːˈtɪkjʊˌleɪt)
to speak or enunciate (words, syllables, etc) clearly and distinctly
(transitive) to express coherently in words
(intransitive) (zoology) to be jointed or form a joint
(transitive) to separate into jointed segments

1590s, “to divide speech into distinct parts” (earlier “to formally bring charges against,” 1550s), from Latin articulatus, past participle of articulare “to separate into joints,” also “to utter distinctly,” from articulus “joint” (see article). Generalized sense of “express in words” is from 1690s. Literal sense, “to join, to attach by joints,” is attested from 1610s. Earlier senses, “to set forth in articles,” “to bring a charge against” (1560s) now are obsolete or nearly so. Related: Articulated; articulating.

1580s in the speech sense (1570s as “formulated in articles”), from Latin articulatus (see articulate (v.)). Literal meaning “composed of segments united by joints” is from c.1600; the general sense of “speaking accurately” is short for articulate-speaking (1829). Related: Articulately.

articulate ar·tic·u·late (är-tĭk’yə-lĭt)

v. ar·tic·u·lat·ed, ar·tic·u·lat·ing, ar·tic·u·lates (-lāt’)


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