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[aw-thuh-rahyz] /ˈɔ θəˌraɪz/

verb (used with object), authorized, authorizing.
to give or official power to; empower:
to authorize an employee to sign purchase orders.
to give authority for; formally sanction (an act or proceeding):
Congress authorized the new tax on tobacco.
to establish by authority or usage:
an arrangement long authorized by etiquette books.
to afford a ground for; warrant; justify.
verb (transitive)
to confer authority upon (someone to do something); empower
to permit (someone to do or be something) with official sanction: a dealer authorized by a manufacturer to retail his products

“give formal approval to,” late 14c., autorisen, from Old French autoriser “authorize, give authority to” (12c.), from Medieval Latin auctorizare, from auctor (see author (n.)). Modern spelling from 16c. Related: Authorized; authorizing.


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