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verb (used with object), re-created, re-creating.
to create anew.
to create anew; reproduce


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  • Recreation

    noun 1. refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like. 2. a pastime, diversion, exercise, or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment. noun 1. the act of creating anew. 2. something created anew. noun 1. refreshment of health or spirits by relaxation and enjoyment 2. an activity or pastime that promotes this […]

  • Re-creation

    noun 1. the act of creating anew. 2. something created anew. noun 1. the state or instance of creating again or anew: the re-creation of the Russian Empire 2. a simulation or re-enactment of a scene, place, time, etc: a re-creation of a vineyard kitchen

  • Recreational

    [rek-ree-ey-shuh-nl] /ˌrɛk riˈeɪ ʃə nl/ adjective 1. of or relating to recreation: recreational facilities in the park. 2. (of a drug or medication) used for recreation and enjoyment rather than to treat a medical condition: recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol. recreational /ˌrɛkrɪˈeɪʃənəl/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or used for recreation: recreational facilities […]

  • Recreational drug

    noun any controlled substance used to alter one’s mind state or for non-medical purposes, without the permission or supervision of a physician recreational drug rec·re·a·tion·al drug (rěk’rē-ā’shə-nəl) n. A drug used nonmedically for personal enjoyment.

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