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noun, plural injuries.
harm or damage that is done or sustained:
to escape without injury.
a particular form or instance of harm:
an injury to one’s shoulder; an injury to one’s pride.
wrong or injustice done or suffered.
Law. any wrong or violation of the rights, property, reputation, etc., of another for which legal action to recover damages may be made.
Obsolete. injurious speech; calumny.
noun (pl) -ries
physical damage or hurt
a specific instance of this: a leg injury
harm done to a reputation
(law) a violation or infringement of another person’s rights that causes him harm and is actionable at law
an obsolete word for insult

injury in·ju·ry (ĭn’jə-rē)

Damage, harm, or loss, as from trauma.

A particular form of hurt, damage, or loss.

see: add insult to injury


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