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Read like an open book

see: open book


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  • Readme

    adjective See read-me

  • Read-me

    adjective pertaining to detailed documentation, credits, miscellaneous revision history, notes, etc. for a software program; also spelled readme Examples A readme file contains information about other files in a directory or archive and is very commonly distributed with computer software.

  • Readme file

    convention An introduction traditionally included in the top-level directory of a Unix source distribution, containing a pointer to more detailed documentation, credits, miscellaneous revision history, notes, etc. The file may be named README, or READ.ME, or rarely ReadMe or readme.txt or some other variant. In the Macintosh and IBM PC worlds, software is not usually […]

  • Readmission

    [ad-mish-uh n] /ædˈmɪʃ ən/ noun 1. the act of allowing to enter; entrance granted by permission, by provision or existence of pecuniary means, or by the removal of obstacles: the admission of aliens into a country. 2. right or permission to enter: granting admission to the rare books room. 3. the price paid for entrance, […]

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