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Real gone

adjective phrase

Excellent; wonderful; cool, funky fresh: a real gone chick (1950s+ Students)


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    A crock. This is sometimes used affectionately; see hack. [Jargon File]

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    [ree-ey-lee-uh, -al-ee-uh, rey-ah-lee-uh] /riˈeɪ li ə, -ˈæl i ə, reɪˈɑ li ə/ plural noun 1. Education. objects, as coins, tools, etc., used by a teacher to illustrate everyday living. 2. Philosophy. things that are real. /rɪˈeɪlɪə/ plural noun 1. real-life facts and material used in teaching n. “real things,” 1952, neuter plural of Late Latin […]

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