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[ree-al-i-tee-beyst] /riˈæl ɪ tiˌbeɪst/

(especially of television) portraying or alleging to portray events as they actually happened.


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  • Reality-check

    noun 1. a corrective confronting of reality, in order to counteract one’s expectations, prejudices, or the like. noun 1. an occasion or opportunity to consider a matter realistically or honestly noun phrase A confirmation of fact, esp when compared with fantasy: Proxmire’s pronouncements provided a reality check on spending requests (1990s+) An assessment to determine […]

  • Reality fiction

    noun 1. a satirical parody of a reality TV show

  • Reality hacking

    noun See urban exploration

  • Reality-principle

    noun, Psychoanalysis. 1. the motivating force or mechanism by which the child, who has previously sought immediate gratification of all wishes, realizes that gratification must sometimes be deferred or forgone. noun 1. (psychoanal) control of behaviour by the ego to meet the conditions imposed by the external world reality principle n. In psychoanalysis, awareness of […]

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