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[ree-uh l-tee, reel-] /ˈri əl ti, ˈril-/

real property or real estate.
another term for real property

1660s, “real estate,” from earlier meaning (1540s) “real possession,” earlier “reality” (mid-15c.), from real (adj.) + -ty (2). Cf. reality.


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  • Real user

    1. A commercial user. One who is paying *real* money for his computer usage. 2. A non-hacker. Someone using the system for an explicit purpose (a research project, a course, etc.) other than pure exploration. See user. Hackers who are also students may also be real users. “I need this fixed so I can do […]

  • Real-variable

    [ree-uh l, reel] /ˈri əl, ril/ noun, Mathematics. 1. a variable to which only real numbers are assigned as values.

  • Real video

    video, compression A lossy video compression format from Real Media. (2001-12-13)

  • Real-wages

    [ree-uh l, reel] /ˈri əl, ril/ plural noun, Economics. 1. wages estimated not in money but in purchasing power. plural noun 1. (economics) wages evaluated with reference to their purchasing power rather than to the money actually paid Compare money wages Wages adjusted for the prevailing level of consumer prices. (See also constant dollars.)

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