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(in a military operation) the troops, officers, etc., removed from the combat zone and responsible for administration, matériel, etc.


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    [reer] /rɪər/ verb (used with object) 1. to take care of and support up to maturity: to rear a child. 2. to breed and raise (livestock). 3. to raise by building; erect. 4. to raise to an upright position: to rear a ladder. 5. to lift or hold up; elevate; raise. verb (used without object) […]

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    [reer-gahrd] /ˈrɪərˌgɑrd/ adjective 1. of or relating to a rear guard. 2. designed to oppose or prevent in a defensive way: a rearguard strategy. /ˈrɪəˌɡɑːd/ noun 1. a detachment detailed to protect the rear of a military formation, esp in retreat 2. an entrenched or conservative element, as in a political party 3. rearguard action

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