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[ree-zuh-nuh-buh l, reez-nuh-] /ˈri zə nə bəl, ˈriz nə-/

agreeable to or sound judgment; logical:
a reasonable choice for chairman.
not exceeding the limit prescribed by ; not excessive:
reasonable terms.
moderate, especially in price; not expensive:
The coat was reasonable but not cheap.
endowed with .
capable of rational behavior, decision, etc.
showing reason or sound judgment
having the ability to reason
having modest or moderate expectations; not making unfair demands
moderate in price; not expensive
fair; average: reasonable weather

c.1300, “having sound judgment, sane, rational,” from Old French raisonable, from Latin rationabilis, from ratio (see reason (n.)).

What the majority of people consider to be ‘reasonable’ is that about which there is agreement, if not among all, at least among a substantial number of people; ‘reasonable’ for most people, has nothing to do with reason, but with consensus. [Erich Fromm, “The Heart of Man,” 1968]

Meaning “moderate in price” is recorded from 1660s. Related: Reasonably.

see: beyond a (reasonable) doubt


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