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[ri-beyt-muh nt] /rɪˈbeɪt mənt/

noun, Heraldry.
(def 5).


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    [noun ree-beyt; verb ree-beyt, ri-beyt] /noun ˈri beɪt; verb ˈri beɪt, rɪˈbeɪt/ noun 1. a return of part of the original payment for some service or merchandise; partial refund. verb (used with object), rebated, rebating. 2. to allow as a discount. 3. to deduct (a certain amount), as from a total. 4. to return (part […]

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    [reb-uh] /ˈrɛb ə/ noun, Yiddish. 1. a teacher in a Jewish school. 2. (often initial capital letter) a title of respect for the leader of a Hasidic group. /ˈrɛbə/ noun (Judaism) 1. the usually dynastic leader of a Chassidic sect 2. an individual’s chosen spiritual mentor n. 1881, from Yiddish, from Hebrew rabbi (see rabbi).

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