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[ree-bop] /ˈriˌbɒp/

1 .

see bebop.


bop (1940s+)


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    noun (ˈriːˌbɔː) 1. the process of boring out the cylinders of a worn reciprocating engine and fitting oversize pistons verb (riːˈbɔː) 2. (transitive) to carry out this process

  • Reborn

    [ree-bawrn] /riˈbɔrn/ adjective 1. having undergone rebirth. /riːˈbɔːn/ adjective 1. born or as if born again, esp in having undergone spiritual regeneration adj. 1590s, from re- “back, again” + born.

  • Reborrow

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    [ri-boh-soh] /rɪˈboʊ soʊ/ noun, plural rebosos. 1. . [ri-boh-soh, -zoh; Spanish re-baw-thaw, -saw] /rɪˈboʊ soʊ, -zoʊ; Spanish rɛˈbɔ θɔ, -sɔ/ noun, plural rebozos [ri-boh-sohz, -zohz; Spanish re-baw-thaws, -saws] /rɪˈboʊ soʊz, -zoʊz; Spanish rɛˈbɔ θɔs, -sɔs/ (Show IPA) 1. a long woven scarf, often of fine material, worn over the head and shoulders by Spanish and […]

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