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[ree-bild] /riˈbɪld/

verb (used with object), rebuilt or (Archaic) rebuilded; rebuilding.
to repair, especially to dismantle and reassemble with new parts:
to rebuild an old car.
to replace, restrengthen, or reinforce:
to rebuild an army.
to revise, reshape, or reorganize:
to rebuild a shattered career.
verb (used without object), rebuilt or (Archaic) rebuilded; rebuilding.
to again or afresh:
With the insurance money we can rebuild.
verb -builds, -building, -built
to make, construct, or form again: the cost of rebuilding the house
(transitive) to restore (a system or situation) to a previous condition: his struggle to rebuild his life

c.1600 (implied in rebuilding), from re- “back, again” + build (v.). Related: Rebuilt.


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