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[verb ree-kast, -kahst; noun ree-kast, -kahst] /verb riˈkæst, -ˈkɑst; noun ˈriˌkæst, -ˌkɑst/

verb (used with object), recast, recasting.
to again or anew.
to form, fashion, or arrange again.
to remodel or reconstruct (a literary work, document, sentence, etc.).
to supply (a theater or opera work) with a new .
a recasting.
a new form produced by recasting.
verb (transitive) -casts, -casting, -cast
(often foll by as) to give (someone or something) a new role, function, or character: recast themselves as moderate and kind
(often foll by as) to cast (an actor or actress) again or in a different part
to cast new actors or actresses for a production of (a play, film, etc)

c.1600, from re- + cast (v.). Of literary works and other writing, from 1790. Theater sense is from 1951.


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