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[ri-ses, ree-ses] /rɪˈsɛs, ˈri sɛs/

temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.
a period of such withdrawal.
a part or space, as a bay or alcove in a room.
an indentation in a line or extent of coast, hills, forest, etc.
recesses, a secluded or inner area or part:
in the recesses of the palace.
verb (used with object)
to place or set in a recess.
to set or form as or like a recess; make a recess or recesses in:
to recess a wall.
to suspend or defer for a recess:
to recess the Senate.
verb (used without object)
to take a recess.
noun (rɪˈsɛs; ˈriːsɛs)
a space, such as a niche or alcove, set back or indented
(often pl) a secluded or secret place: recesses of the mind
a cessation of business, such as the closure of Parliament during a vacation
(anatomy) a small cavity or depression in a bodily organ, part, or structure
(US & Canadian) a break between classes at a school
verb (rɪˈsɛs)
(transitive) to place or set (something) in a recess
(transitive) to build a recess or recesses in (a wall, building, etc)

1530s, “act of receding,” from Latin recessus “a going back, retreat,” from recessum, past participle of recedere “to recede” (see recede). Meaning “hidden or remote part” first recorded 1610s; that of “period of stopping from usual work” is from 1620s, probably from parliamentary notion of “recessing” into private chambers.

1809, from recess (n.). Related: Recessed; recessing.

recess re·cess (rē’sěs’, rĭ-sěs’)
A small hollow or an indented area.


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