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[ruh-shair-shey, ruh-shair-shey; French ruh-sher-shey] /rəˈʃɛər ʃeɪ, rə ʃɛərˈʃeɪ; French rə ʃɛrˈʃeɪ/

sought out with care.
very rare, exotic, or choice; arcane; obscure.
of studied refinement or elegance; precious; affected; pretentious.
/rəˈʃɛəʃeɪ; French rəʃɛrʃe/
known only to connoisseurs; choice or rare
studiedly refined or elegant

1722, from French recherché “carefully sought out,” past participle of rechercher “to seek out” (12c.), from re-, here perhaps suggesting repeated activity (see re-) + chercher “to search,” from Latin circare, in Late Latin “to wander hither and thither,” from circus “circle” (see circus). Commonly used 19c. of food, styles, etc., to denote obscure excellence.


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