an unincorporated association formed so that its members can participate in reciprocal insurance.

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  • Reciprocal-insurance

    noun 1. insurance in which members of a reciprocal exchange, acting through an attorney-in-fact, insure themselves and each other.

  • Reciprocal-inhibition

    noun, Psychiatry. 1. the theory that the pairing of an anxiety-provoking stimulus with anxiety-reducing reactions will weaken the association between the stimulus and the anxiety.

  • Reciprocal-leveling

    noun, Surveying. 1. leveling between two widely separated points in which observations are made in both directions to eliminate the effects of atmospheric refraction and the curvature of the earth.

  • Reciprocality

    [ri-sip-ruh-kuh l] /rɪˈsɪp rə kəl/ adjective 1. given or felt by each toward the other; mutual: reciprocal respect. 2. given, performed, felt, etc., in return: reciprocal aid. 3. corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent: reciprocal privileges at other health clubs. 4. Grammar. (of a pronoun or verb) expressing mutual relationship or action: “Each other” and “one another” […]

  • Receipt

    [ri-seet] /rɪˈsit/ noun 1. a written acknowledgment of having , or taken into one’s possession, a specified amount of money, goods, etc. 2. receipts, the amount or quantity received. 3. the act of or the state of being received. 4. something that is received. 5. Archaic. . verb (used with object) 6. to acknowledge in […]

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