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the act or process of recording:
the recordation of documents pertaining to copyright ownership.


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  • Record-changer

    noun 1. a device that automatically places each of a stack of records in succession onto the turntable of a phonograph. record-changer noun 1. a device in a record player for changing records automatically

  • Recorded delivery

    noun 1. a Post Office service by which an official record of posting and delivery is obtained for a letter or package Compare registered post

  • Recorder

    noun 1. a person who records, especially as an official duty. 2. English Law. a judge in a city or borough court. (formerly) the legal adviser of a city or borough, with responsibility for keeping a record of legal actions and local customs. 3. a recording or registering apparatus or device. 4. a device for […]

  • Recordholder

    or record-holder [rek-erd-hohl-der] /ˈrɛk ərdˌhoʊl dər/ noun 1. a person or thing recognized for the accomplishment of a feat to a better or greater degree than any other.

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